Our Goal is Health

Envigor8 is a medical clinic dedicated to restoring your energy and vitality. We identify key hormone deficiencies and nutritional issues that may be contributing to your fatigue or declining health. We provide the information you need to take control of your health, and we offer treatments that are supported by scientific research.

We employ an evidence-based medicine approach to hormone optimization. We use hormones to treat symptoms to maximize wellness now, with an eye to preventing disease and disability in the future. Our hormone protocols are personally tailored to each person’s individual response to treatment and treatment goals.

Giving Women & Men Hope

As we age, we will all have decreasing hormones. The rate at which we age is directly related to our genetics and our decreasing hormone levels.

Proper hormone replacement can correct the majority of the symptoms associated with aging, improve your general health and increase your zest for life!

Both men and women can expect to regain energy, mental clarity, drive, emotional stability, sex drive, physical stamina/endurance as well as improved muscle strength and lean muscle mass.  Our patient records are overflowing with testimonials of families and marriages that have been saved because the Husband, Wife, or both are feeling good again. We understand your health problems, but we also understand the emotions and struggles that come with them. We’re here to help.

Don’t put off Feeling Good

Answers are just one blood test away! Before your first appointment, we’ll run a complete series of blood tests that will give us insight into your health. You will then spend up to an hour with our clinician, explaining the results and going over your symptoms and questions. Expect to leave with answers and real direction after your first visit.

We have an aggressive approach to hormones in which we aim to get your hormones to optimal levels. This allows your body and metabolism to function like it did in your prime.

  • Treatment provided by licensed and certified healthcare professionals
  • Comprehensive blood testing
  • USP-grade pharmaceuticals and bio-identical hormones
  • Personal coaching
  • Affordable—we are confident you will not find a comparable program at a better price!