PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a safe, non-surgical procedure used to heal pain from tendon and ligament injuries, bursitis, and osteoarthritis. It utilizes platelets taken from the patient’s own blood to rebuild damaged tendon or cartilage. The blood is taken from a vein and spun down in a centrifuge in order to obtain a high concentration of platelets. The number of platelets in the final product is over 5 times the number in unspun blood.

Platelets are specialized blood cells that help promote blood clotting. However, platelets also contain specialized chemicals called growth factors. They signal the cells in the area of the injection to start dividing and stimulate new blood vessels to grow into the area to supply nutrition to the cells. As a result, the damaged tissue begins to heal. PRP has been successful in not only relieving pain, but also in jump starting the healing process.

Simple Cardio Options

Let’s talk CARDIO! If you do not have a cardio machine or a gym at your disposal, you need to find a way to increase the amount of calories you are burning by getting your heart rate up- high enough and long enough- to BURN serious calories. Other than walking or running outside, here’s a list of activities you can do at home: Read more